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Golborne Hockey Ladies Section

Ladies 1st X1

The ladies ones started the season with a series of new changes. New captain, new formation and new players.
The aim of the season was to develop players and try out new ideas. And that’s exactly what we have achieved and much more.
We have finished in the top half of the table which is a great achievement. As a team, our defensive capability has been tested throughout the season and we have stayed strong, conceding the lowest amount of goals in the league - 21.
We have begun to gel as a team and really develop our short, sharp passes!
There have been several highlights of the season and a few frustrating ones!
Our ability to score in some games is amazing- 10-0 against Crewe- 8 goals in one half!
Overall, it been a pleasing season for the ladies 1s and we show a promising developing team! Bring on next season

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Ladies 2nd X1

The L2 have had a strong, successful season - scoring 60 goals, conceding 36 and finishing in a respected 4th place with 36 points.
The team has gone from strength to strength (even I scored!), bonding weekly on and off the pitch. Many highlights include players stepping upto the L1, L3 players becoming key integral members of the L2, Hannah playing every position possible, Emily & Grace stepping up as GK, Lynne's realisation at how many jobs she has, Kat's glare at Gaz, Mills' aggression, Liv's incredible fall and the fantastic team spirit that kept Bowdon at a 1-1 draw, the best defensive display!
Thank you to everyone who has shared the pitch with us this year and thank you Lisa for all your support.
It's been a good one!

Ladies 3rd X1

It's been an interesting season for ladies 3's. New captain and vice and a forever changing team. Players have played up and equally helped out the 4's with smiles on their faces. As Bobby said, records are made to be broken and that we did in style with a 30:0 loss against an incredibe team, possibly the most fun we (as a 10 player team) have had against any opposition this season

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Ladies 4 XI

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he ladies 4s first season has been fabulous. We havehad a bumpy road but came out smiling and won a couple on the way. We have built a great team with even better players, started to gel and build our confidence as a team and individually with help from b
Beechey. We clicked and won a couple, having fun as we went through the season. We exceeded our target of not being bottom of the league especially with missing a couple games at the start. Every single player helped us achieve this by putting their all in each game and our improvements showed this. Each player should be proud of them selves this year just as much as we are of them all. We are honoured to be part of a great team and have made even better friends ❤️ #golbornestorm
- E Raines & G Cooper Surtees, Captains